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Optimized Outreach: End-to-End Approach to Re-imagine Customer Acquisition

A privately owned agricultural firm was challenged with keeping up with an evolving industry for marketing using social media and online review platforms to expand its business and grow. The agricultural firm has been in business for over 25 years, but as competitors focused on improving the customer experience in the past few years, the firm has lost market share. The CEO was eager to reach new communities and types of organizations but lacked the capability to create an analytically-driven growth strategy to determine the best opportunities.

Our team delivered strategic insight through marketing analytics. The team not only redesigned the firm’s website ,but also utilized website tracking and data to develop actionable strategies.

Key to Success and Results Boulevard executed search engine optimization to assess and improve the company’s presence online and increase visibility on mobile applications. As a result, the company’s website moved to the top position on Google search results for landscaping related searches within the local area. Our analysts solved the firm’s biggest challenge by creating a web-based, data driven marketing strategy application to identify, track, and monitor current and prospective customers in near real-time. This allowed the firm to track new opportunities, connect with different types of organizations and build out their business without relying on word-of mouth marketing. The tool also helped characterize types of landscaping opportunities available (seeding, hardscaping, etc.), along with teaming opportunities that would further increase customer satisfaction.


Join us as we explore the future of business through the lens of machine learning & AI, data-driven analytics, cloud computing, and operational transformation.





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