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Mobile Health: Optimizing Healthcare Benefits & Services for our Veterans

At a time of rapid transformation of Veteran services and technology infrastructure, our client was faced with understanding the clinical and administrative policies, processes, and behavioral characteristics at clinics, hospitals, and in tele-medicine environments. The team was charged with finding an approach to value-added standardization of workflows, performance measures, and decision support dashboards to aid Veterans, clinicians, and staff members in managing the healthcare lifecycle for all patients.

Our team followed a multi-step process for engaging clinicians and staff members across the nation in gaining an understanding of clinical and administrative policy, process, and desirable data and information sharing and visualization solutions to drive the development and implementation of mobile solutions for both Veterans and their medical team members. Adhering to a Lean Six Sigma process mapping and analysis framework, the team developed a baseline understanding of workflows, measures/indicators, and a detailed mapping of source data. Subsequently, the team developed a mobile solution data strategy and roadmap for implementing key functions for users – from scheduling appointments to managing aspects patient care plans to secure messaging between patient and Provider to automating other administrative and clinical workflows.

Key to Success and Results

By bringing together VA digital health technologies under one umbrella and with the analytical support of our team, the Office of Connected Care is enhancing health care coordination across VA and supporting Veterans’ participation in their own care. The team’s efforts to develop mobile solutions and web-based decision support systems allow care providers to more effectively and efficiently collect patient data at the point-of-care and analyze patient data to support clinical decisions.


Join us as we explore the future of business through the lens of machine learning & AI, data-driven analytics, cloud computing, and operational transformation.





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