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Next Generation Aviation: Strategic Analysis to Optimize Aviator Training and Performance

A comprehensive assessment of current and potential aircraft technologies for the U.S. Navy. The analysis built upon the previously completed capabilities-based assessment and worked to develop and refine functional and capability requirements of the aircraft using subject matter expertise review sessions and internal assessments. Boulevard worked to not only to develop these requirements, but also obtained historical flight hour and acquisition data to project when the aircraft would need to be replaced. The study team used this data to execute an effectiveness, risk, and alternatives analyses as well as facilitate cost and schedule analyses.

Our consultants worked to identify and define alternative aircraft to replace the current training system. The study team worked alongside Navy subject matter experts to identify effectiveness criteria (measures of effectiveness and measures of performance) to evaluate each alternative and assign it a normalized rating; create a risk register detailing all risks and associated likelihood and consequence scores for each alternative; and facilitate a financial and schedule analysis. The Boulevard team developed an Excel® VBA-based end-to-end acquisition analysis and integrated application tool to provide data visuals that enabled planners and stakeholders to perform quick, effective evaluations of aircraft capability to include risk impact analysis and performance optimization.

Key to Success and Results The study provided insights across up to seven (7) aircraft sought as replacements to the current training aircraft. The consolidated application tool developed by Boulevard, in conjunction with the multi-level analysis approach, provided Naval leadership actionable information to support only the most informed and defensible acquisition/sustainment strategies and decisions for its jet training aircraft.


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